Based on the success of the PTX pilot facility, Sonoma LNG is proceeding with a commercial-scale LNG facility using the DPLC™ technology at its 100% owned Talbot Lake gas plant in northern Alberta.


The Talbot Lake site is an ideal location to supply LNG to remote mines and communities in Canada’s northern territories.  Typically, these regions rely on diesel or propane for energy needs, because they cannot be economically serviced from any existing natural gas distribution system. 


With growing environmental concerns, all levels of governments are discouraging the use of diesel as the main source of energy supply.  As an alternate energy supply, natural gas is a leading contender, with fewer carbon dioxide and particulate emissions than diesel or propane.  LNG is far less hazardous during transport and delivery, due to its low containment pressure and narrow flammability range.  LNG is odorless, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and if spilled, evaporates leaving no residue.  In addition to being clean and safe, LNG has also emerged as an affordable alternative to diesel or propane in remote northern areas because of low natural gas prices.

Sonoma has received regulatory approval from the Alberta Energy Regulator to convert its 100% owned Talbot Lake natural gas facility in northern Alberta to an LNG supply facility.  


A secure natural gas feedstock for the proposed facility can be accessed via the nearby meter station, which is connected to TransCanada’s distribution system.  


The proposed LNG facility has been designed for an initial capacity of 90,000 US gallons per day, optimizing the use of existing infrastructure at the Talbot Lake site. 

 View a video of the project site here.


With regulatory approval, preliminary engineering, initial capital and operating cost estimates completed, the Talbot Lake LNG project is shovel-ready. Sonoma plans to secure off take markets and financing for the initial phase of the Talbot Lake LNG Project in the near future. The supply capacity of the proposed facility can be further expanded to 250,000 US gallons per day to meet long term growth in LNG demand.

The image below shows the location of the main new process facilities, as integrated into the existing site.

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